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WineOnTheRocks bietet dir die grösste Auswahl ein Weinregal-Systemen weit und breit. 

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Weinregalplaner G2

Der neue Weinregalplaner ist da!

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WineOnTheRocks SA die absolute Weinlage • Route du Nasot 8 • CH-1955 Chamoson
T: +41 52 301 28 88 • E-Mail

Der neue Weinregalplaner

Der neue Weinregalplaner ist da.

Produkt Highlight

Inline - einfach modern

Mit dem neuen Inline präsentiert WineOnTheRocks den aktuellsten und modernsten Vertreter der WOTR Regal Familie. Seine Ästhetik ist beeindruckend und geprägt von schlichter Eleganz. Die kraftvolle und breite Statur machen das Inline zu einem optisch
einzigartigen Regalsystem.

ARCave /

Weinregal-Serien Metall
Weinkeller Steuerung
Weinregal-Serien Stein
SandyLine Tuff
SandyLine Tuff white line (by Nori Sasaki)
SandyLine Black Series
CollectionRack G5
FlatRack - the folding wine rack
ARCave Zubehör
SandyLine Bausatz
Champagne Sabre
Imperial (wird 2018 ersetzt durch SandyLine white line)
Hydro Ton
ARCave vaulted cellar
Wine cellar system construction

ARCave prefabricated elements made to measure are suitable for a wide variety of applications. Underground wine rooms for wine storage, winemaking, wine aging (barrique and barrel cellars). Cheese ripening cellar and other treasure chambers.

Providing knowledge to be able to protect

Only those who know how the animals live, how their habitats function and how the ecological processes take place will understand why the most important nature reserves need to be protected. With our project we want to draw attention to this problem in inland Switzerland. Climate change, sea level rise, earth and ocean warming, coral bleaching and coral death concerns us ALL!


Demonstration and breeding facilities

To achieve an impressive and lasting sensitization, real habitats for demonstration purposes are required. In addition, local breeding of marine creatures can reduce the natural extraction of fish, corals and seahorses and the import of these animals and thus the pressure on the entire ecosystem. In this way, scientifically useful knowledge is also gained, which benefits the protection of nature and species.


Marine World of Experience

The professional demonstration and breeding facilities, which are constructed in accordance with all national and international laws (protection of species, Code of Ethics and Animal Welfare of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums WAZA), are made accessible to the public in order to create an impressive and economically viable offer. In this way, training courses can be offered in a manner appropriate to the target group and a sustainable effect can be achieved.

Project costs

The total project costs for the facilities amount to at least 200'000 CHF.



The association would like to realize this project and is dependent on your financial support. The construction and maintenance is done by members of the association on a voluntary basis until the project is self-sustaining. Through patronage, private or legal persons can support the project by contributing to the association's account (IBAN: CH31 0686 6595 0931 7783 1). Our patrons are distinguished into the following categories;

  • „Platin“                (from  25'000 CHF)
  • „Gold“                  (from 10'000 CHF)
  • „Silver“                (from   5'000 CHF)
  • further supporters

​​​​and, in accordance with our marketing concept, presented in a highly visible manner on the social media platforms and in the Aqua Center. Of course, patrons can also remain anonymous. If the project is not realized by the end of 2021, the donations will be returned immediately.
our patrons


Contractors or suppliers who support us through services, installations or by providing material (products / accessories) are divided into the same categories and are also owed at the different locations.


The marine biology, the water chemistry and technology fascinates and inspires us as Coral lovers at the same time. Deepened knowledge but increased our discomfort in terms of our environment and especially with regard to our underwater ecology.


(only) the rainforests (land biosphere) and the atmosphere absorbs what the human being greenhouse gas released, but in particular the oceans with their algae and "corals" are for the absorption of CO2 and release of Oxygen O2 responsible! The role of our Oceane as the largest CO2 - storage is only really known to a few people.

And right there

is the starting point of our project "CORALLIUM LIFE". We give the broad population insights into the underwater world (SHOW) and create thus knowledge (KNOW), in order to finally ensure the protection of the Oceane from Switzerland and to promote our questioning behavior (ACT). We achieve this goal with the striking demonstration of functioning and non-functional ecosystems.

Coral breeding

Our plants are built with a demonstration tank (natural habitat), a technical tank (for filter media/ skimmers etc.) and a settling tank (young corals and fragments) in a water circuit. In cooperation with our partners, water analyses are carried out and the results are processed using the knowledge and experience gained from our facilities.

Sale of offspring

Through the sale of ....